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Self-Defense Lessons in Kirkland and Redmond, WA


Verbal and physical self-defense if effective!

  • 81% of women who were attacked and tried running were able to escape.
  • 62% who screamed or yelled escaped
  • 68% who used physical force of any kind escaped

Source: 1998 FBI criminal victimization survey

Women's Self-Defense Lessons are taught by female instructors.  The techniques are effective, easy to learn, and work with a woman's natural strengths.


Beginning Women's Self Defense Seminars

Women's self-defense lessons are offered as a 1 time lesson or a 6 week course.  Both lessons introduce the basic self-defense against a variety of common attacks that women face.  Movement is from the Shock, Scream, and Run strategy of self-defense. 

NEXT FREE SEMINAR: October 17th @ 7pm  in the Kirkland School

Check out some of the things you can learn

In the video to the left, Ksenia demonstrates how to effectively break away from an attacker trying to choke her.  She has learned to use her hands and body to loosen her attackers grip to allow her to breathe then safely knock her attackers hands off to gain control of the situation and escape from him.

One of the benefits of learning this kind of self defense through an Oom Yung Doe seminar is the ability to train and practice in a safe environment.  Students will discover how they naturally react to being attacked and then will learn to act correctly to gain control of the situation.  Students will also learn how to manage anxiety or panic reactions that may come up.


The video to the right demonstrates some of the basic women's self-defense movements that are part of the Shock, Scream, and Run strategies taught by the School of Oom Yung Doe.  These movements are simple to learn and work well with a woman's natural strengths.

Women's Self Defense Testimonials

See what others are saying about our programs

All women and girls should know how to protect themselves. Instructor Michelle's women's self-defense is a must. Do not hesitate to sign up. She taught me not only how to defend myself against potential attacks, but how important it is to take control of my self-confidence. Thank you, OYD Kirkland & Instructor Michelle! 

-Hari C.

I came in feeling like I could not defend myself at all and left thinking I could put off an attacker to an extent. At least to get away.

-Henna D.

I loved this seminar. They made sure to help each of us individually and made me feel very confident, even if I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt empowered and strong and would definitely go again.

-Monica V.

Had a great experience! Really enjoyed getting to learn the basic motions that can then be used in further moves. Really liked how personal and relational you were. Gave great instruction and made us feel empowered. Thank you!

-Kaitlyn M.

This seminar built my confidence and helped me to learn that simple moves can make a great impact no matter how “Strong” you think you are.

-Bethany W.

The instructors are very encouraging and give you strength to stand up for yourself! Stay Strong!