Oom Yung Doe - 8 Martial Arts

Kirkland * Redmond 

Eight Original Styles:

  • Kung Fu (Goong Bu)
  • Kong Su (Tae Kwon Do/Karate)
  • Jiujitsu/Udo
  • Ai Ki Do/Hap Ki Do
  • 18 Weapons (Ship Pal Gae)
  • Samurai Sword (Kom Do)
  • Tai Chi Chung
  • Bagwa Chung

Head Instructor Michelle Judy

  • Student since 2010
  • Main Instructor since 2013
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Main Area of Study: Ship Pal Gae (18 Weapons), Women's Self Defense
Michelle began her training in 2010 at the Kirkland school. Having taken several other hard styles of martial arts before, she originally stopped by the school because of an interest in the Kung Fu and weapons training. Once she started training, she soon saw the difference between Moo Doe and her previous martial arts experiences. Michelle became interested in teaching when she was invited to assist with a series of self-defense lesson at a local school. She discovered that she enjoyed helping students improve themselves and their understanding of martial arts and began training as an instructor.
Head Instructor Tom Grate
  • Student since 2006
  • Support instructor since 2007
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Main Area of Study: Angry Dragon Kung-fu, foundation movements
Tom originally joined Oom Yung Doe to relieve neck and shoulder pain he had experience since a car accident approximately 16 years earlier. He has been practicing Oom Yung Doe since 2006 and has found his training to have resolved his neck and shoulder pain while increasing flexibility throughout the body and increasing agility overall. Oom Yung Doe has also helped him to relieve stress, increase focus, while helping him to balance both mentally and physically for more effective communication. Tom is married and his wife is also an Oom Yung Doe student who is credited with encouraging Tom to join Oom Yung Doe. For ten years Tom held management positions at Microsoft and has worked as an independent software design and architecture consultant.
Instructor Jon Criddle
  • Student since 2004
  • Support instructor since 2008
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Main Areas of Study: Kom Do (Samurai Sword), Ai Ki Do, foundation movements
Jon began his training in 2004 on the recommendation of his Brother-in-law who was a student at the school. “I had studied Aikido for many years and after being away from martial arts for several years was looking for something to improve my condition.” He was immediately impressed by the strength of movement exhibited by the Instructors and decided to join. Our training uses forms and herbs to develop physical and mental ability, improve flexibility, and balance condition, as well as to help people recover from injuries (Jon had knee surgeries 20 years ago due to running and other activities).

“I became an instructor to continue my development and to share what I have learned with new students.”