Grandmaster 'Iron Kim' demonstrated Kyo Gong Sol Bope
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Kirkland OYD 8 Martial Arts

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Oom Yung Doe
8 Martial Arts

Jeffery M. (6yrs), from the Kirkland Oom Yung Doe,  wins a bronze medal at the Oom Yung Doe State level tounament in March for Frog Technique
Instructor Hoai wins a bronze medal in part for his demonstration of Sang Sam Pyo Chung (double sythe) at the March Oom Yung Doe Regional Level tournament.

Oom Yung Doe means Mind, Body, Way.  Traditional Martial Arts (Moo Doe) is taught in every Oom Yung Doe School.  The primary goal of traditional martial arts practice over centuries has been to attain longevity and maintain a superb quality of life by achieving harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.  Moo Doe practice in one of the fastest ways to achieve complete balance of the body.

Self defense demonstration by instructors
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  • At Oom Yung Doe Kirkland we teach 8 styles of traditional martial art as one.  
  • The Styles included are:  Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Bagwa, 18 Weapons, Aikido, Kong Su, Udo (jui-jitsu), Samurai Sword.   
  • Self-defense taught in all styles.  

  • Kids lessons available.